Our mission is to provide a quality fitness experience while improving the overall wellness of our members. To do this we employ a close knit group of certified and knowledgeable coaches to teach you the proper mechanics with consistency. Our coaches stress the importance of proper movement patterns which will allow you to increase your intensity and achieve great results. Work hard, have fun. Every day is a form day.


CrossFit at Charter Oak combines the enjoyable element of group training alongside programming that will bring your fitness to the next level. Our coaches are focused on making sure all members get the results they are looking for.


This class is perfect for members looking for an action packed class, without the heavy weightlifting. The main focal points of CrossFit Fitness are: cardio, muscle tone and flexibility. This is a great class for those that are looking to get into CrossFit or more of a cardio workout. At each class all athletes have the choice to do the CrossFit or the Fitness programming, sometimes they are one in the same!