Healthy living: It’s not just what you eat!

Puper Wai and what goes on your body matters

If you are reading this, you are probably a gym rat, fitness nut or someone who cares about your overall well-being. We spend hours at the gym to release stress, work our bodies into shape and feel healthy. In the kitchen, we spend time with meal prep and cooking. We peruse cookbooks, websites and blogs for exciting healthy options with the buzz-words we have been trained to look for: “organic,” “gluten free” and “paleo.” We cruise the perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the isles where all the processed food lurks.

We spend time researching the newest gear, discussing shoes with zero drop, the newest color release of romaleos, and whether the new Nanos actually help grip on a rope climb. Anything that may give us that edge and hey, looking good doesn’t hurt either, right!?

Even if we don’t follow a strict nutrition plan, most of us are aware that what we eat is an important and significant part of our overall health….but what about the things we put on our bodies and use in our home every day?? There is significantly less talk and hype around household cleaning products and beauty products, even though we may use them on the regular. I’m not saying there isn’t any talk about these things…but rather in my experience, the topic doesn’t seem to come up around the gym nearly as frequently, if at all. You may be familiar with groups dedicated to humane and proper development of products, but have you heard of the Environmental Working Group? The EWG’s mission:
Empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, we drive consumer choice and civic action (

You can check out the EWG site here! There are guides reviewing food, skin care products, sunscreen and cleaning products, just to mention a few. Click into the area you are interested and enter a product. It only took me a few minutes to realize my seemingly healthy bathroom cleaners were not as healthy as I thought. Could you go overboard…absolutely! I think it’s fair to say there is risk in many things we do, including getting out of bed in the morning!! However, I did find it interesting and since then I’ve made a few changes in my daily routine. I figure, why not, right?

My favorite new addition I actually saw on Shark Tank. I wasn’t looking for a different deodorant, but I do love showering and smelling good so the natural deodorant seemed right up my ally. I guess the pitch worked, because before the end of the episode, I already had one on order. It’s called PiperWai.


Before posting about it, I needed to make sure it was legit. I’m happy to say after about a month of use, it’s still my go to. It’s a paste made with charcoal. Although the color is gray, it rubs in clear. I admit, the application process does take some getting used to…you basically take a pea size amount out and rub it into your underarm. It doesn’t make your hand feel weird or anything, but I do recommend applying prior to getting dressed (at least the first few times). The smell is clean, but not overbearing. And it works!
As I mentioned, I was sold on Shark Tank, but I was interested to see how PiperWai stacked up against my prior deodorant Degree. Here it is:

degree vs. piper wai

PiperWai was rated a 2 which is in the Low Hazard category, versus the Degree which earned a score of 4, falling in the Moderate Hazard category. Seems like an obvious trade to me, since it works, seems healthier and I don’t mind the application process. If PiperWai sounds like something you are interested in, you can get more information here.

If you would like to hear and discuss more healthy options for beauty and home products like PiperWai, comment below!

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