Member Spotlight on Yessenia!

Meet Yessenia aka Jessie

Jessie, it has been great having you as part of the COCF family. Your energy and positive attitude in the gym are second to none. We have loved every minute of watching you smash goals and set new PRs across the board. You are a strong lady! You are a great model to your son and to others in gym. We can’t wait to keep watching you succeed!

member spotlight

When did you start CrossFit?

I started in June 2016 as part of the New You Challenge. Although apprehensive when I first walked in, I fell in love after the first WOD!

Feelings when you started CrossFit? How do you feel now about CrossFit?

I was skeptical at first, for sure. I was a total couch potato and could not even run 200 meters! I thought it would be all muscle heads and I would not fit in. However, I immediately felt the sense of community and really enjoyed how everyone is genuinely encouraging.

What was your motivation to start?

I had heard about CF for a while, but was unsure on how to get started. I wanted a lifestyle change. I needed it actually, so when I heard about the New You Challenge, I knew that was my way in.

Did you have a specific goal and did you reach it?

I did not have specific goals other than losing weight. As of right now, I have lost a total of 34 pounds and counting!

How has that goal changed and current goals?

I no longer focus solely on weight loss. Now I think about becoming healthier and stronger. A huge part is focusing on nutrition, a new concept for me. As far as new goals…. the list is extensive, lol. I want to be able to do at least one pull-up and a handstand, and manage a few double-unders to name a few!

What keeps you motivated to continue CrossFit?

I absolutely love how I have changed physically and emotionally. I like that I no longer think about this as working out, but more of a lifestyle. It has been surprising learning just how strong I really am and how far I can push my body.

Any achievements? favorite one so far?

So many achievements! I can finally jump rope!  I can run 800 meters without stopping! Most impressive lift: 175 lb Front Squat.

How has CrossFit / Charter Oak impacted your life or helped it?

My life has definitely changed since starting at COCF. My confidence level has gone up, to the point that I will be doing my first comp in April! I am a much stronger person than I believed myself to be.

What do you like about Charter Oak CrossFit?

I love the community atmosphere! Every day at the box brings a new challenge and the coaches are always there to push me further while the other members are cheerleaders. COCF is a family 🙂

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