Olympic Lifting Class

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class



-ARE Squats-

-Goblet Squats-



~Jump drills-

-Seated box jumps-focus is fully opening hips aggressively-

-Drop Snatch-focus on speed under bar/fast lockout-

-Heaving Snatch Balance-

-Snatch Balance-

-Snatch Balance-

-OHS-pause in bottom-

-strict press-

-Push press-

-Push Jerk-

Presses (5 sets build each set )

1 Strict press + 2 Push press + 2 push Jerks
Limiting factor will be strict press



2 Rds with partner

-Banded face pulls-

-weighted plank holds-

-25 dolphin kicks-

Snatch Balance +OHS (7 sets build each set)

1 Snatch Balance +1 Pause OHS + 1 OHS

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