Olympic Lifting Class

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class


-10 Goblet Squats-

-10 OHS-

-10 Air-Squats-

-roll out feet with LX ball-

-10 Goblet squats-2sec pause in bottom-


-Bent over Barbell Rows-

-Strict Press/Push Press-

-1 and 1/4 Back Squat-


Bent Over Row (5×5 – increasing each set)

-focus on bringing bar to chest. Not chest to bar!

Strict Press (5×3-increase each set)

Record last heaviest set in wodify
-squeeze butt at top, abs tight, dont hyperextend back-

1 & 1/4 Back Squat (5×3-moderate to heavy weight across)

-pick a challenging moderate to heavy weight across, Challenge yourselves, last rep should be tough!-

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