Olympic Lifting Class

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class



-Goblet Squat Therapy-

Barbell Warm up


“The squat clean is a hugely important exercise for building full body strength, health and fitness. In comparison to the power clean, the squat clean requires faster hip and elbow turnover as well as placing a higher demand on speed, footwork, and hip mobility.”


-Muscle Clean-

-Clean Drop-

-Catching bottom bounce-

-Tall Clean-

-Hang Clean-



Set up heavy barbell in racks at bottom position of Squat clean catch-

-Stability holds x3-


Clean Deadlift – Hang Squat Clean – Squat Clean (Adding 1 Front squat at the end)


If time allows:

20 second hollow rock holds

Rest 20 seconds

20 second superman holds


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