Olympic Lifting Class

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class


**With a barbell**

-5 strict press-

-10 pushpress-

-5 backsquats-


-5 elbows high/outside then punch bar out-

-5 muscle snatches from high hang-

-5 muscle snatches from hang-

-5 power snatches from high hang-

-5 power snatches from hang-

-5 power snatches from ground-

-5 OHS-


**Skill power snatch**

**practice Sotts press light barbell**


Power Snatch (Work up to 1 RM power snatch 15 minutes)

Sotts Press (5×3 increasing weight each set)

-BTN snatch grip sotts press, dont let bar come crashing down, stay upright during whole movement-


Overhead Squat (2 sets of 10 same moderate weight)

From racks

**Moderate challenging weight do 2 sets of 10 OHS reps unbroken**

-rest 1-2 min between sets-

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