May 29th, 2018  |  Comment
by Heidi Trafton

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class


**2 Rounds** (1x with PVC and 1x with barbell)

-10 airsquats-

-10 walking lunges-hands on hips-

-10 pass thrus-

-10 reverse pass thrus-

-5 BTN snatch grip PP w/PVC-

-5 OHS with PVC-

-5 walking lunges w/PVC-

-5 strict press-

-5 OHS with 3 sec pause in rock bottom position-

-5 BTN Snatch grip Sottspress


*Getting Comfy down there*


-drop snatch-

-heaving snatch balance-(feet in receiving position)-

-Snatch balance (feet move from jumping to receiving)-

-Paused OHS-at least 3 sec inbottom-


1 BTN snatch PP + 1 drop snatch + 1 snatch balance + 2 OHS (6 successful sets)

**Start with PVC pipe or light BB, add weight each set, challenge yourself!!**

Sotts Press (4×3 BTN snatch grip)

-From rack-

-start with BTN PP then OHS to get into Sotts position-

-add weight each set get to a moderate challenging weight-

-No crashing of BB down on shoulders-


***If time prevails***

-10 weighted good mornings with at least BB-

-10 Abmat situps-

-30 sec plank Hold on elbows-

-Have Fun!!!-

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