Olympic Lifting Class/Barbell Club

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class



-Goblet Squats-

-OHS-Narrow Grip-

-Ankle/hip/wrist Mobility-


-Clean Footwork-

-Front Rack-

-Muscle Clean-

-High Hang Clean-

-Hang Clean-


-Catching Bottom Bounce-

-Clean Pulls-


Clean from boxes (5×3)

5 sets of 3 squat cleans from box set-up at mid hang position. Build each set, get heavy if form is good

Squat Clean (1×1)

**Using last heaviest set from Hang Squat Clean, build to max Squat Clean**

Push Press (5×3 )

-Work up to a heavy set of 3, NO hyperextending back!

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