Olympic Lifting Class/Barbell Club

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class


-Squat Therapy-

-Barbell Skills-


-Snatch Footwork-

-Overhead Squat-

-Pressing Snatch Balance-

-Heaving Snatch Balance-

-Snatch Balance-


Hang Power Snatch (5×3-build each set)

Snatch Balance + OHS w/pause + OHS (5 sets-build each set)

1 Snatch Balance + 1 OHS with 2 sec pause in bottom + 1 OHS

Overhead Squat (Build to a 1 rep max OHS )

***Start 1st set with last heaviest weight used from the Snatch Balance set-build from there***. For example: if your heaviest Snatch Balance set was at 85lbs, then your first set of OHS will start at 85lbs and build from there!

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