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It’s something that the general CrossFit gym goer may not worry about too much. For most of us, we show up at the gym, are led through a warm-up, skill or strength, and then crush (or get crushed by) the WOD. As coaches, we want our members to grow. We call you athletes because YOU ARE! It’s because we want our members to evolve from general gym goers to athletes that we feel you should know what your programming has been and where it’s going.

We are approaching the conclusion of a 3 month strength cycle. In April, we focused on squats, pressing, and deadlifts following a modified Wendler 5/3/1 strength program. Here we used percentages with a specific set and rep scheme geared towards building strength. Still focusing on squatting, pressing, and pulling during May, we shifted to focus to Olympic lifts, breaking them down into specific parts that we could train with heavy loads. June brings us to the conclusion of the current strength cycle, which culminates with finding a new 1 rep max for our squat, snatch, and bench press. All the while, we have been working on specific gymnastics strength work with dips, pull-ups, and muscle-up progression.

Already, there have been amazing gains by a lot of our members! The last couple of weeks we have seen numerous PR medals on Wodify. Keep up the great work!

A note to those who have not PR-ed:
Don’t get down on yourself if you haven’t hit a personal record. Keep in mind a lot of times you are coming into the gym after working all day, maybe a bad night sleep, or giving it your all on the previous day’s workout.

So where are we going?!

We have done A LOT over the last couple of months, not including all the strength work we were doing previous to this 3 month strength cycle. You will notice that the last week of June is a de-load week. We are going to take this week to back-off a little on our heavy training. Lighter training volume, no strength specific work, and scaled down metcons will be the focus. We want your body to still work and get a workout, but want to de-load and give ourselves some room to recover.

July and August will be business as usual, with the focus on GPP (General Physical Preparedness). We will squat, pull, press, oly lift, perform gymnastics, cardio, strength- ALL with varying degrees of intensity and load. Sounds a lot like CrossFit, right? That’s because it is. We will not be programming a specific strength cycle during these two months. With summer vacation, trips and family events, we don’t want anyone to worry about missing anything with their training. With that said, we will continue to lift heavy stuff, and you will get stronger, we just will not be on a specific program.

As summer comes to a close, we will once again shift our focus to another strength cycle….what it will be is a topic for another day.

We hope you are enjoying your training as much as we enjoy coaching you all through it.

Have a specific program you are interested or want to build strength in specific movements?
– Leave a comment below! Maybe you will see it next cycle!

Don’t Forget! – We offer 1 on 1 training sessions and can create custom programing to help you reach specific goals!

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