Circuit Breaker

Charter Oak CrossFit – CrossFit

Movement Prep

Prehab – 2 sets: no rest between

High Knees x 15-20m

Ski Jump x 12 reps (6 per side)

Cossack Squat x 5 per side

Lying Rope Pulls or Ring Rows x 3-5

A: Front Squat (2 sets x 3-5 reps *85% or RPE 8.5)

*warm up sets, rest 30secs -1 min between warm ups

Bar x 5

40% x 5

60% x 3

70% x 1

75% x 1

80% x 1

*rest 1:30-2min between sets

B: Seated Box jump (3 sets x 3 reps)

*goal is to land on top of the box in a power position and not squatting with hips below parallel

*slightly higher box height than last week if able to remain in power position

*scale as needed with different height boxes or plates stacked up

*Rest 1:30m between sets

C: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3RDS Circuit:

30 secs at each station, 30 secs exactly to rest & rotate

1. Atlas Stones

2. Rope Climb or Peg board

3. Battle Rope or Sled Push

4. Weighted Box Step Ups

*can start at different stations to share equipment

*track reps of atlas stones, rope/peg ascents and step ups for each round
High intensity if feeling good, if not feeling well recovered then do for quality reps and movement at moderate to low intensity.


1-2 sets

Couch stretch x 20 secs per side

Foot Drills

Foam roll any stiff or tight areas

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