Clean Mesocycle- Week 2

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class

Movement Prep

Core Warmup:

Plank shift with reach x 10

Dead bugs x 10

Hip Warmup:

Lateral Band Walks x 15/side

KB Hops x 8-6-4 *increasing weight, nothing too heavy

Shoulder Warmup:

Banded Facepulls x 10

Floor Facing Angels 2.5lb plate in ea hand x 10

IsYsTsUs 2.5 plate in ea hand x 10

1: Hip Clean (~45-50% 3×3)

*technique primer, weights should not allow technical fault to occur

2: Clean (70% 4×2 every 90 sec then 75% 4×2 every 90 sec)

3: Block Front Squats (3×3-4 RPE8 or ~2 left in tank)

*blocks positioned at height where hips are just above parallel or at sticking point

*rep cadence should slow on last rep
*increase pause to 2 “one thousand count”

4: Metcon (Weight)


Cossack Squats x 12 (6/side)

Side Lying Adduction x 24 (12/side)

Opposite side reach x 12 (6/side) * slow and controlled eccentric
*record weight for cossack squats, goal is to progress 5-10lbs from last week

*rest 2min after each round

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