Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Charter Oak CrossFit – CrossFit

Movement Prep

Prehab: 2 sets

Ankle Pops x 20

I’s Y’s T’s U’s x 5 per letter

Walking Lunge with Twist x 8 (4 per side)

Running Warmup:

*1/2 length of turf per exercise

Toy Soldier

Butt Kicks

High Knees


A: Metcon (Time)

Team Metcon

(in a Team of 2 or 3)

4 Rounds for Time:

Row 400 meters

Run 400 meters

*This is a relay race style workout which is completed in teams of three, or as pairs

*The workout involves rotating between rowing, running and resting

*Team member 1 will row 400m, while team member 2 runs 400m, and team member 3 rests. Then, team member 1 will run 400m, whilst team member 3 rows 400m, and team member 2 rests, etc.

*The workout is completed when each member of the team has rowed and run the full 1600 meters during the 4 rounds.

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