Home Wod

Charter Oak CrossFit – HOME WOD


1: Metcon (8 Rounds for reps)

Cap’n Crunch

(20 sec work 10 sec rest)

8 rds

1. AB Mats

2. Superman Holds

3. Russian Twists (w/or w/o weight)

4. Flutter Kicks (Right and left equal one rep–keep feet 6-8″off of the floor)

5. Reg Plank Holds

6. Rt Side Plank Holds

7. Left side Plank Holds

8. Hollow Rock Holds
Tabata Style 20 sec at each movement tranistion to next movment, with10 sec rest between movemets. Complete all 8 movemnets to equal one round.

Score is number of Ab mats, Twists and flutter kicks for each round.

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