Jerk Mesocycle- Week 2

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class

Movement Prep

Row x 2min

Banded Pull-aparts x 15

1-arm Windmill x 5/side

Barbell Warm up

BTN Press + BTN Split Jerk 2 x 5+5

1: Tall Jerk (5# heavier than last week 5×3)

*from half press on toes position

*pause in catch

2: Split Jerk (70% 3×1, 73% 3×1, 76% 3×1)

*pause in catch momentarily to accentuate speed of turnover and proper split positioning

3: Hip Thrust (2×8-10 RPE 8 or ~2 left in reserve/set)

*ensure posterior pelvic tilt at the top of all reps/squeeze butt hard at top

*no upper torso movement throughout reps, just hips

*gaze in front, not up

*ensure upper back is secure on bench

*knees at 90 degree angle at top of movement

4.a.: 1-arm DB Standing Lateral Raise (2×12-15 RPE 8 or ~2 left in reserve/set)

*superset with farmer carry

4.b.: 1-arm Farmer Carry (2x50m (25m/side) )

*weight held back/away from side

*slight elbow bend

*resist leaning toward weight bearing side
*5-10# heavier than last week as long as 25m lengths remain unbroken

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