Michael Elferis

Charter Oak CrossFit – CrossFit

Movement Prep

Prehab – 2 sets: no rest between

Banded Pull Aparts x 10-12 reps – retract shoulder blades

Half Kneeling Windmill x 5 per arm

Carioca x 15m per direction

High Knees x 15m

A: Bench Press (Build up to a MAX with good posture and speed.)

*Warm up sets, rest 30secs -1 min between warm ups, rest 1-2 mins between sets at 85%-90%.

*Rest between 2-3 mins for the 90%+ to MAX.

Bar x 5

55% x 5

65% x 3

75% x 2

85% x 1

90% x 1

90% +

B: Michael Elferis (Time)

For Time:


Dumbbell Snatches (70/45 lb)


400 meter Run or Row

*This Firefighter Hero WOD is dedicated to Michael Elferis, FDNY, Engine 22, who was killed on September 11, 2001.
High intensity if feeling good, if not feeling well recovered then do for quality reps and movement at moderate to low intensity.


Cooldown 2 sets:

Lizard to Cossack x 3 per side

Kneeling Lat Stretch on Bench x 20 secs

Plantar Fascia Foam roll Feet x 20 secs per foot

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