Olympic Lifting Class

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class

Barbell Warm up

-With PVC first round-

-Then barbell starting with the strictpress, 2 more rounds-

-10 airsquats-

-10 passthrus-

-10 reverse passthrus-

-5 strict press-

-5 PP-

-5 PJ-

-5 pause OHS (3 sec in bottom)-

-5 heaving snatch balance-

-5 snatch balance-

-5 OHS-

-5 Full snatches-

-Rest 1 minute-


Snatch (20 min to get 1RM full snatch)

-Take longer rest time between the heavier reps-

-Good luck, lets hit those maxes, use those kilo plates!!!

Strict Press (3×4)

Record last heaviest set in wodify
Do a few Warm up sets to get to a moderate challenging weight and then start your 3×4 at that weight. All sets across at that same weight.

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