“Schlitz” at Charter Oak CrossFit

Charter Oak CrossFit – CrossFit


Muscle Up Strength (No Measure)

3 Sets- Not for Time:

5- False Grip Ring Rows

5- MU transition (through the window)

5- Ring Dips

5- 5 sec. Supported Hold
-Using as MU warm-up

Muscle-up Progression

-False grip ring row

-False grip pull to chest

(Toes under body, pull straight up to chest)

-MU pull through

(Pull to chest, then drive elbows back)

-Supported Ring holds


(Start in supported ring hold, lower to bottom of dip,(allow toes to touch the groud for support if needed), “trace the chest”, then lower to hang.

CrossFit Metcon

Schlitz (Time)


4 RFT:

400m Run

4 Muscle ups

40 Double unders
Scale for MU:




-Use scaled MU

-Single-unders with 1:1 ratio

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