Snatch Mesocycle- Week 1

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class

Movement Prep

Flow 1 and 2

Row x 500m

IsYsTsUs x 5/letter

Barbell Warm up

Hang Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch + OHS 3x(3+3+3)

*barbell/very light weight

*reinforce slight chin tuck in OHS

1: Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch + OHS (65% 4x(1+1+1))

*% from 1RM full snatch

*or use a weight where technique can be maintained, weight selected should allow for progression across cycle

*vertical drive through bar with elbows up after contact, slight chin tuck in catch

*For Beginners: sub hang snatch in complex for hang power snatch, weights for beginners should allow you to feel the technique but not create technical error or fatigue during sets

2: Pin Back Squats (3×5 (RPE 7 or 3 reps left))

*reps in tank based on mechanical fault not absolute failure, weight selection should allow progression across cycle

*1 one thousand pause in-between reps

*Squat down to sticking point/just above parallel

3: 1-Leg Landmine Deadlift (2×8-10 (RPE 7 or 3 reps left))

*concentrate on slow eccentric to floor

*press big toe into ground

*vertical shin/no torso lean to one side

*only go as low as back arch is maintained
Done in superset with part 4

rest 60sec between

rest 2min between rounds

4: 1-arm Farmer Carry (2x25m/side)

*weight held back/away from side

*slight elbow bend

*resist leaning toward weight bearing side
Done in superset with part 3

rest 60 sec between

rest 2min between rounds

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