Snatch Mesocycle- Week 2

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class

Movement Prep

Flow 1

Row x 500m

IsYsTsUs x 8/letter

Barbell Warm up

OHS + Snatch Drop 2×5+5

*in snatch drop catch high as opposed to diving straight to bottom

*practice slight chin tuck for both

1: Snatch Lift Off (50-55% 2×5)

*keep shoulders over bar as bar comes in off the floor

*hips should be in line with knees at top with shoulders over the bar

2: Segment (Pause) Snatch (65%x2, 70% 4×2)

*bring bar in off the floor

*pause at knee

*in pause find balance and leverage (shoulders over bar)

3: Back Squat (5-6×4 RPE 8 or ~2 left in tank)

*still standing with speed, 10# heavier than last week

*sets determined by energy levels

*rest ~3min between sets or until recovered

4: Box Step Ups (2×8-10/side RPE 8 or ~2 left in tank)

*weight/height selected should allow for control throughout
*1-2″ taller and slightly heavier than last week (5-10#)

*all reps performed on one leg before switching to the other

*controlled eccentric (~4-5sec)

*note height and weight used

5: DB Walking Deadlifts (2×20 (10/side) RPE 8 or ~2 left in tank)

*Only descend as low as able to maintain a slight low back arch
*slightly heavier than last week (5-10#)

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