Snatch Mesocycle- Week 3

Charter Oak CrossFit – OLY Class

Movement Prep

Row 2min

Flow 1 warmup

Floor Facing Angels x 10

Barbell Warm up

Hang Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch High Pull + Hang Power Snatch x 3+3+3

*empty barbell

1: Snatch high pull + Tempo return (73% x 3 then 78% 3×3)

*from floor

*keep shoulders covering bar until last second

*push through balls of feet/extend legs

*as soon as hip contact occurs lead with high elbows

*control bar back down
*increased weight from last week as long as barbell speed can be maintained

2: Snatch (73% 5×1, 78% 4×1, 83-85% 3×1)

*one rep completed on the minute

*after hip contact keep bar close just like high pull

*note weights used for each set in comments

3: Back Squat (3×8 RPE 8 or 2 left in tank)

*5-10 lbs heavier if pacing allows

*(30×1) pace throughout reps

4: 1-arm OH Carry (3x100m (50/side))

*reach up as high as able/bicep covering ear

*weight selected should allow for stable overhead position
*same weight as last week for more volume

*done as superset with part 5

*rest 30 sec between/ 2min after each round

5: DB Walking Lunges (3×16 (8/side) RPE 8 or 2 left)

*use straps

*weights held in farmer carry position/shoulders pinched back

*walk with control over descent/ascent of each rep
*same weight as last week for more volume

*done as superset with part 4

*rest 30sec between/2min between rounds

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