Sweat Happens

Charter Oak CrossFit – CrossFit

1.a.: Strict Pull ups (5 x RPE 8.5 or ~1-2 in tank/set)

*additional set from last week for more volume

*mod allowing for hollow body/shoulderblades down and back throughout

*as full a range as you can with each rep (pull as high as you can)

*superset with half kneeling press

1.b.: Half Kneeling Single Arm Press (4 x 10-12 RPE 8.5 or ~1-2 left in tank/set)

*weight held opposite from the leg that is forward

*elbow tracking straight up in press as opposed to winging out to the side

*reach as high as able at top

*ribcage down
*slow down, fast up pacing

*intensity and volume bump from last week, ~5# heavier if RPE allows

*superset with strict pull ups

2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

20min Low Intensity Steady State:

30/20 Cal Row/Bike

Lateral Band Walks (15/side)

100m 2-arm KB Front Rack Carry

Strict Hanging Knee Raises/Tucks x AMRAP
*alternate between Row/Bike every round

*RPE 5-6, conversational pace to allow recovery

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